my first piece of this line, and first piece of '08!

  1. :yahoo: is this color hard to find? i know it's sold out online and my store only had one so i put it on hold last night and drove the hour to get it, and play with other "babies" i'll be buying sometime this year. lol. my VERY FIRST piece of inclusion, and i just love this color! it's sooo pretty :love:

    inclusion1.jpg inclusion2.jpg inclusion3.jpg inclusion4.jpg inclusion5.jpg
  2. one more pic :smile:
  3. Very pretty!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. so pretty....!! enjoy...
  5. Congrats!! I saw this when I was on holiday over xmas, its so pretty! Dont think my store has got them in yet!!
  6. The grey is so pretty I think it's the best one released
  7. So gorgeous and loving the pearls .... :nuts:

    Great choice for your 1st inclusion.

  8. very pretty, love it
  9. Very pretty! :yes:
  10. OLA:drool:
  11. cute, congrats!
  12. Ooohh, congrats, such a lovely colour! Did you get to play around with the Le Fab? :graucho:
  13. wow congratulations

  14. i've played with it so much i know that bag inside and out. lol i was playing with the berkeley:love:that i will buy as soon as i have the funds and i saw some new bags for spring for the first time today. LE bags i hadn't seen yet! *going to check the names...*
  15. I love it ... so beautiful! Congrats!