My first piece of LV luggage! PICS

  1. I bought the Carryall over the weekend but didn't want to post until I had taken pics of it. Sorry about the "watermark"! I haven't figured out how to do it properly. My DH had given me a gift certificate for X-Mas that I originally used to purchase the brown Pastilles bracelet/keychain, but I returned it to get a store credit & decided to upgrade to my first piece of LV luggage! I was debating between the Keepall 45 vs. the Carryall, but the Carryall won out!!! I especially like the fact that it has feet on the bottom. My luggage tag is currently being heat stamped, so there is no turning back!

    Now that I've bought the Carryall, I probably won't be going on vacation anytime soon!!! (I can't afford to at this point.... so, I'll just carry the Carryall from room to room in my house!!!) It's a beautiful piece of luggage and I can't wait to use it (someday)!





  2. Wow, it's awesome!! I want one--my DH and I are going out of the country in March and I would loooove to have a sweet LV carry-on bag like yours! I'm so jealous....:p
  3. Congrats! So pretty!
  4. Beautiful piece!! Congrats!
  5. Congrats!! I went through the same debate you did between Keepall 45 & Carryall, and decided to go w/ the Carryall as well because I like the structure & design better.

    I've only used the Carryall on 1 trip, and it was nerve wrecking because I was so worried about the vachetta. But the vachetta really isn't as fragile as I feared. I stuffed the Carryall under the seat & in the overhead bin on the plane, and it suffered no scratches or dirt smudges. I did spray the heck out of it though, lol.

    You will get lots of uses out of yours. No worries :smile:
  6. Thx! What did you use to spray your Carryall? I know there have been threads about several sprays, but I don't remember any names. What do you recommend for protecting the vachetta?
  7. congrats! that is one gorgeous piece of luggage!
  8. congrats!!! LV last forever, so i am sure you will have many time to enjoy this darling! ps, i still haven't firgure out watermark etiher, hehe

    Apple Guard, Shinine Monkey, Wilson or Kwik leather protection have all been tested by TPFers, but AG and SM are the top two product when i search for protection.
  9. Sweeeeet!!! Congrats!
  10. I used Shining Monkey. I was so nervous spraying the bag, but the spray only darkened the vachetta for a split second. Then the vachetta dried completely to its orginial pale color.

    I did 2 coats, about 20 minutes apart. Be warned, spray your bag outside if possible. The Shining Monkey has a very strong (but non lingering) smell.

  11. Oh that is just beautiful! I love it! You will have plenty of trips to take it out! lol! She is beautiful!
  12. I had a carryall and I want it again, but somehow with 2 keepalls and a pegase I can't quite justify it...Congrats on your purchase though!!!
  13. Thanks everyone!!
  14. So beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Wow:nuts: Great buy! I love it!!:yes: It's been on my want list!!