My first piece of LV Jewelry gave me an Allergic Reaction!

  1. Over the past weekend I went to Saks and I've got in love with these new LV hoops for pierced ears. I'm a Chanel jewelry fan, never had a problem with an allergic reaction but these new LV hoops gave me a bad allergic reaction, within 30 minutes I was already bleeding!:crybaby: I'm embarrased to go and return them :sad: Advise anyone?
    Pics. of earrings from eluxury site attached.
  2. Thats a shame, I bought Chanel studs I didnt wear them, I found out that they were not silver, you should take them back and explain that they gave you a reaction. Most stores if you can back it up will give you a refund. Show them your ears and see what they say, its better to go back than to be stuck with earring you cannot wear without pain and discomfort.
  3. Return them!

    Are they supposed to be sterling silver? Or are they just "silver" because "silver" can include different metals. Even if they are sterling they can include copper or nickel that can cause an allergic reaction.

    It surprises me that brands like Chanel or LV would use a base metal instead of a precious metal.
  4. Ok...with those types of jewelry since they're fairly inexpensive (for LV), they're brass coated in a high quality silver (or gold depending on the color you bought) plating. The fine jewelry utilizes real gold, diamonds, etc.
    But do take them back if you're allergic to them, though you need to clean them really well with hydrogen peroxide first.
  5. i agree with everybody elses advice for you to return them. don't be embarassed, it happens and it's not like your ears did it on purpose!
  6. WOW that sucks... They are so beautuful. I agree with LVbabydoll. Clean them well. ANd go return them. And get something else. Hope your ears are better. Kiss kiss
  7. Yes, go return them. There is nothing to be embarrased about. They should be embarrased for making (excuse my language) *crappy* jewlery!
  8. I agree, take them back.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that....

    fancy jewelry are mostly rhodium and plated with silver... Dior rings and earrings do this to me too....

    some people are very sensitive to these metals....

    I think you should return them and stick with sterling silver or gold jewelry cuz they tend to cause the lease irretation ...good luck :smile:
  10. I could never wear costume jewelry, which is basically what the sweet mongram jewelry is. The only LV jewelry I have bought is an inclusion bracelet, because I know I won't break out from wearing resin.
  11. I agree, you should return them. You shouldn't feel like you have to keep jewelry you can't even wear. What's the fun in that? ;)
  12. I'm so sorry you had such a nasty alergic reaction... :tdown: you should return them!