My first piece of Hermes....

  1. :shame: hi- just wanted to share this piece with you all...
    i think its the beginning of something ........

    anyway - my clic-clac white enamel with the gold hw. (mixed with my cartier love bracelets in platinum w/ diamonds and yellow gold.)

    100-0004_IMG.JPG 100-0012_IMG.JPG
  2. beautiful! they look great together too
  3. Looks great on you!!! Congrats!
  4. I love mixing bracelets like that - very chic. The white is perfection.
  5. very nice...they look great together!!
  6.'s beautiful!
  7. All of them look lovely on your wrist. Congrats and wear them proudly!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats on your first "H"!
  9. SO NICE! Looks great on! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  10. Very nice!
  11. It's lovely! Enjoy!
  12. How pretty, suzie w! I love how the bracelets look all together. I give it less than 6 months before you're plotting bags to match! :yahoo:
  13. Congratulations! The bracelet is perfect with the other two. Very pretty suzie!!
  14. Ditto, love the bracelet combo, can't wait to see the matching bags!
  15. That's lovely, welcome to the orange side...