my first piece of CHANEL has landed...

  1. hey everyone esp. CHANEL lovers...
    i've finally joined the gang!!! my first piece of CHANEL has touched down in NZ and is stuck in customs! Darn tax... well the letter says: "a parcel or packet sent to your from overseas has been screened and assessed by NZ Customs Service and is now being held (hostage) by NZ Post pending Customs release!" :censor: is a :censor: i can't believe it! Oh well, thats what happens when you live SO far away from everything... but then again, i could of been better off buying the bag in Oz..... NO WORRIES! thanks Marketplace and esp. to PF member livethelake! :amuse:
    I can't get it till Monday sometime next week... (gotta get sometime off to drive to the Depot)
    I'm SO excitied, I cant wait to take pics and share it with you all!!!!!!! I've been CHANEL-ed! :graucho:
    Oh yes, my first piece of CHANEL is a Cambon bowling/bower bag! Black with white CC's!
    I'm so excitied, i could roll around on the floor! :roflmfao: will keep you all up dated!!!!! and thats a promise!!!!!!

    PS, thanks to all the PF member who posted up pics of their chanels!!! *winks @ fayden* hehehehe!
  2. congratulations!!! i've been meaning to buy the bowler....tell me how it is and where i can use it for everyday
  3. Congratulations!!!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see pics!!!
  4. Yay Helen. Can't wait to release the hostage and see you with it.
  5. can't wait to see it!!!
  6. Congratulations! post pics!
  7. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. I can't wait to see your pics!! I'm so excited for you. I know how it's like! :smile:
  9. Yay Helen ;)
  10. congrats..i really like tgis bag..
    pics please:smile:
  11. can't wait to see pics! congratulations!!!!
  12. Looking forward to the pics
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  14. oooh how exciting! :smile:
  15. congrats helen! I can't wait to see pics!!!!