My first pick off the Burberry tree =]

  1. I got my first Burberry bag! I got the Studded Patent Leather Clutch and I am in love! Of course I would rather have the Knight bag but for that price Id rather get a Gucci Indy but I love this clutch just as much!

    Pics coming soon! PROMISE!
  2. Congrats!! How about some pictures? I am dying to see one up close...
  3. i want to see some pics~
  4. Pics pics pics!
  5. Pis burberry bags!
  6. K here are some, modeling pics coming up later, hopefully! :tup:
    clutch1.JPG clutch2.JPG
  7. congrats!
  8. I wore it to school today, hairs funky so dont look at that!
  9. I LOVE that clutch! It is beyond HOT! :nuts: :drool: It totally suits you! :tup: Great pic and the hair looks good! :yes:

  10. Congrats!!
  11. [​IMG]

    Wow... that is one hot bag... love the detail of the studs in your great photo!! Congrats...
  12. aww thanks you guys =] I still want a Knight though x__x
  13. Wow, STUNNING and don't you look just FAB with wear it so well!! Congrats!