My first PCE!!

  1. OK, so I know it was for the "outlet customers' PCE" and a lot of people weren't real happy about that........but I was thrilled!!

    I bought the signature stripe tote in the black/silver/gunmetal combination. It is sooooo beautiful in person--hard to capture the contrast of the black signature and the gorgeous sparkly gunmetal stripe. I had in my mind until the last minute that I'd get the brown/bronze combo, but I thought the black was a little classier. I also got the snowman keyfob, snowflake keyfob, and finally the skull keyfob!!!
  2. Here is my new bag all dressed for winter:


  3. And one of mr. Skull!!

  4. Congrats! That is a great pic of the tote. I have only seen this purse on their site and your pic shows how sparkly the gunmetal is! The skull keyfob matches it great! I'm jealous! I hope they have the skull when I go make my PCE purchase. Who knows, I might copy your combo, but I'm trying to be good and get a bag in a color I don't have.:p
  5. What a great purchase! And yay for your first PCE!
  6. I must have been posting that while you were loading your pics! I KNEW it...the tote and the skull look awesome together!
  7. Oh, the skull is TDF on this bag!! I am hoping that I can find the perfect red scarf for it--I think that would finish it off perfectly.

    And the brown/bronze is beautiful in this bag too. But I didn't have a black bag at all, can you believe that?? So now I do :heart: