My First PCE Adventure

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  1. It was great! Saved 99$ total :smile:

    I got:

    -Raspberry Lurex Wristlet (Christmas gift for cousin)

    -Gallery signature studded wristlet in black (Christmas present for me from my mom--and it matches my New Years Eve dress!!)

    -Legacy signature frame wallet in brown, they only had the floor model left, so I am having a fresh one shipped to my house (Another christmas present for me from my mom--gotta love her!)

    I'll probably post the pictures Christmas morning it will be more fun.

    The one thing is my store A) Didn't allow group shopping and B) took my card after!!

    It seems like my store is very strict compared some other stores. I did want to give someone my card, but I am not mad b/c I am only too happy to have gotten one for once. But it is odd how different stores treat people differently.

    And when I was getting the lurex wristlet, I held up another color and said "Do you have this in Raspberry?" and the SA was impressed that I knew the real name of the colors lol.
  2. Congrats on your new goodies! That's weird that they took your card since normally they don't! At least you got what you wanted and had fun shopping!
  3. Did they scan it or something or just look at it and throw it out?
  4. They scanned it and then put it in a drawer.
  5. ya they took my card once
  6. They took my card this time too. I went to 2 stores and the first one (Willow Grove, PA) told me they would only give it back since I asked for it, the second store, (Walnut St., Philly) said they couldn't give it back or do more than one transaction with the card. I thought it was weird but i got everything that I needed to get so... whatever...
  7. They took my card also,this was my first PCE so I didn't know they were not supposed they usually not ?
  8. I guess it depends on the store. Last PCE, I shopped at the King of Prussia store and they gave me the card after my purchase in case I wanted to use it again.

    Or maybe they have people reading forums like these and they see that people give their cards away after using them. *shrugs*

    Either way, this was the first time I wasn't allowed to keep my card.
  9. Since it took me so many years to finally get one from them, I didn't wanna argue and lose the good status I am in at the store LOL.

    So I just let them toss it. I was thankful I got the 3 items I really wanted to get.
  10. My SA didn't even ask to see my card even tho I had it in my bag. She scanned a PCE card from under the desk and then told me to "come back all week and shop".


    I'm going back tomorrow.

    Nice haul, BTW, Fendi84NJ!!
  11. YAY!! I'm glad you got all the goodies you were after!! It's weird to me that they took your card. My store has always given it back to me "in case I want to shop for more things"
  12. I shopped in 2 stores and was given my card each time, and I was told to come back in during the event.

    I don't understand why the stores are different?

    I think the smart stores know what measures to take to make their monthly numbers!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their shopping!!!
  13. When all the rules were thrown out this past June, it might be that some stores are trying to get back to normal?