my first paypal

  1. I just signed up on paypal last month(not yet verified.. I never thought I would use it anyway...). I bought a bag from eBay, and I guess this is my 2nd time, my dilemma is I paid from bank wire transfer, and even told the bank to charge me all the bank charges, taxes, so that the amount that he/she will receive is in full/exact amount... The bank failed to check that there was a $22 more bank charges that will be deducted to the recipient... I never knew this until the seller emailed me about it, I told her/him that I will pay the $22 using paypal, but my account is not yet verified, but I just paid her now... what's the difference between verified and not?confirmed or not?:confused1: so sorry this is a dumb question.. :sad:
  2. waaaah i guess no one wants to respond :sad:
  3. Hi, so you paid the bag not through paypal? but bankwire, you have to pay 22 for the wire itself? wow.

    You will have to link either a credit card or you bank account in your paypal account, that way your status will be confirmed.
  4. i paid thru wireless transfer, but the bank did'nt know that there are still some charges on the bank of NY (the only bank that has connections w/ the seller's bank..) on sending the money.. The fastest way i know to pay her the $22 difference is thru paypal, but my account isnt confirmed yet, it will be confirmed as soon as I get my cc bill and that will be billed to me after a month... :sad:
  5. Hi can't you link your bank account? that's what I did.
  6. Oh also you could see if you can get online access to your cc ? most credit cards have that, try to sign up. Paypal will charge a dollar and will ask you verify that.
  7. I'm from the Philippines... Paypal only requires cc on the account, they don't honor any of my accounts locally or even $ account...
  8. I even called the cs for my cc, they can't give me any info about the 4 number code on verification, they told me i have to wait for my bill.. and guess what, I just received my bill for last month, that means I have to wait for a month:sad: ...... Will the seller receive my money eventhough my account is not yet confirmed?
  9. well what you could do is go to the website from your credit card and see if they do online statements, log ins and so fort, try to sign up. You will then be able to go online and you do not have to wait for the paper statement. When you put your credit card in paypal, paypal will charge 1 dollar, then it will want to verify the number, which you can only see on your statement. I will take probably couple days for that.
  10. so there is an amount on your paypal account?
  11. hmm, limited to $100 only.. I already have a history on activity... it says..
    payment to XXX -$22 may3, 2007 completed
    transfer from credit card $22 may 3, 2007 completed
    bill from XXX $22 may 3, 2007 paid
  12. so the payment came through:smile: so it happened !!!! thats good news, now you will only need to verify your cc
  13. so there's still a way that the seller will accept it? I wish... Because I already paid her the item, and the $22 is the same as the amount of the shipping( or even more..)...
  14. hey guess what? she emailed me "thanks for your help , i received your payment, I will ship it on tomorrow morning" yeayyyyyyy!!! thank you so much hkloosterman, i should've pm'ed you to ask you about this...:smile: thanks sooo much for your help..
  15. Linking my credit card was enough to confirm. Adding a bank account allows you to verify.

    Use the help section because there are a few ways to confirm and verify.

    Confirm means you have a confirmed address which will protect the sellers against chargebacks when they ship to your confirmed address. It means Paypal had "proof" that a valid address for you.

    Verified means you have more info that you gave them. This is what you need to do to get the seller protection if you sell on eBay.