My first Part-time...and Turquoise

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  1. Hi everyone, I have several bbags, but I had never tried the part time size... when I went to BalNY to pick-up my new Turquoise first, my SA also showed me the Turquoise in the part time, my first reaction was that the color was too bright for a larger bag, but I changed my mind!! Between the size, the longer strap and the color:heart: I just love it!

  2. Oh my god ! Gorgeous !! :drool:

    I think I'm in love... :love: enjoy your new baby !!!
  3. Hot! Love it in the PT! great choice!
  4. I just love this color! Congratulations!
  5. shes's a beauty! congrats and modeling pics please!
  6. gorgeous, I love this color.
  7. congrats!! the color is so deeply saturated and not veiny at all, breathtaking!!
  8. :drool:Oh, that is beautiful, I get my Turq tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. It's like Christmas. Congrats.
  9. Gorgeous, CONGRATS!!!
  10. Gorgeous!!! I :heart:the color and I :heart::heart::heart:the PT!!!!

  11. Great combo! The PT is my fav style and I love turq!!
  12. Beautiful!!!! great choice, i love the part time size
  13. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  14. Gorgeous bag - would also love to see a modeling pic!
  15. CONGRATS! The leather on the 08 Turqs has been really good so far!