My First Parcel - my NEW LOVE

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  1. Wow! Great bag, and you look fantastic!
  2. Wow!!! What a beautiful kelly!! I have always been admiring vibrato!
  3. What a beauty! Well done
  4. Congratulations bornfree!!!! So happy for you. Its beautiful.
  5. Beautiful! you look super chic!
  6. Wow, Bornfree! You look fabulous with your new Vibrato Kelly! I love it! I've been looking for something in Vibrato, too. :smile:

  7. Bornfree what a beautiful bag.

    However I must say you take away from the bag a little. Gorgeous outfit on an equally gorgeous woman. Perfect look. Congrats!!
  8. Love vibrato~~and you totally rock the kelly Bornfree~~~:ps:
  9. Bornfree, you make the bag look fabulous. Enjoy!

  10. Fabulous you & the Kelly Bag!
    I love your skirt too! :heart:

  11. I came to see again, is that rouge h on top? it is very your shoes too
  12. Congrats, its lovely and you look great in the action shot!
  13. MissMargaux, LQYB, Ranag, Maniacalmollie, mooks, may3545, boo1689, zoebag, ladyhermes - :cutesy: :cutesy:

    chaz - yes am absolutely in love with it

    lulilu - same! i really love vibrato - so chic so unique - hope you find one for yourself soon

    purse-o-holice - thanks for sharing my joy :yahoo:

    alioops - you are being too kind. Am so glad to be able to share my joy with pple who really understand the feeling of finding the IT bag

    dou.dou - thanks dear. Its actually a BCBG dress

    zoopla - yes its rough H box leather on top. I have always been tempted to get tt leather and it cant get any better to be able to combine the rough h box with vibrato! :heart::heart: