My First Parcel - my NEW LOVE

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  1. It looks fabulous on you - wear it in good health!!
  2. thank you all wonderful tpfers for the kind compliments. Hugs to you all :love:
    Im totally in love with this rare find and certainly hope to be able to find more unique pieces to add to my mini hermes collection :tender:
  3. Wow, this looks GREAT on you!! congrats!!
  4. Whoa!! This is so pretty!!!! I love it!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  5. Gorgeous colours! What a find!

    I really like your Tigre too!
  6. its beautiful!
  7. Congrats bornfree. The vibrato Kelly is gorgeous!!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. WOW WOW WOW!!! Congrats bornfree!!!
  10. Congratulations, Bornfree! Very pretty vibrato kelly :tup:
  11. kelly32, Kallie Girl, MiaT, pazt, zenith, lisawhit, geminisparklers and w.y.h : :ty:
  12. Oh my stunning, absoultely stunning. looks great on you wear in teh best of health and happiness
  13. Congrats bornfree, you look beautiful with your new love.
  14. I absolutely love vibrato! :love: Congrats on your Kelly! You (and the bag) look stunning! :smile:
  15. [​IMG]
    Absolutely beautiful!! It suits you so well you must be absolutely thrilled congratulations!!