My first pairs of Coach shoes!

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  1. I've gone from having no Coach shoes to 3 pairs in the last week :yahoo: I'm not really a Coach person, and the men's shoes are difficult to find, so this is quite a suprise! I got the signature ones at Off 5th (somewhat shocking considering what a terrible selection they usually have) and scored the brown pair on ebay for only $30 shipped! :nuts: The leather is sooo soft :drool: The next pic is of the only 2 Coach bags I own- a black Legacy leather mapbag and my grandmother's old Metropolitan brief in mahogany (which I have to send in for repairs :P)

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  2. great shoes congrats
  3. Congrats! I love Coach shoes! Those ones that look like slip-ons are sooo cute!
  4. So cool that you have your grandmothers bag, what a treasure! :smile:
    Nice shoes too. :tup:
  5. Those Coach shoes are adorable!
  6. I love the leather shoes!
  7. i like those black Sig ones. do you know the style name/number? they lok similar to Vans, are they slip on?
  8. nm i found them on Ebay...cute cute! i wear a men's size 7 in shoes, hmmm....:graucho:
  9. ^^yep, they're slip-ons. The style name is Sanders. (fyi, the tan sig is the Burke and the leather one is Alexander).
  10. cool cool thanks. i offered to get my bf a COACH wallet or men's accessory, he was like, um no. i will convert him eventually.
  11. That's some great Coach bags/shoes you have there!
  12. NICE! I love the black pair.
  13. Great shoes, they look so comfy.
  14. Great shoes