My First Pair!

  1. Quick reveal of my first pair of Jimmy's/Designer Shoes! So I went back home to London for holiday. A pair of Romy's were on my wishlist but so was some Louboutins. Anyway I went out shopping at Harrods, tried on the Loubs, then went straight to JC and popped my feet in these, they were so comfy and still looked amazing! I was SOLD! Had a tough time deciding between 100mm or 85mm. I wanted to get so much use out of my first pair, especially at the price point! Ramble over, I bought the Romy 85mm Navy suede and I can't wait for my next pair! :yahoo:
    20170329_121858.jpg 20170329_121905.jpg
  2. Great choice! Jimmy Choo suede is to die for, so so comfy.
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  3. I'm happy for you and it's great when a new designer pair works out as it can be a gamble, Romy 85 mm is a good choice I only wish now I could wear my JC courts but having painful bunions is now limiting this urhh !
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  4. Gorgeus
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  5. Congrats on your new purchase! They are so beautiful!
    The navy ones are also on my Wishlist. I prefer the classic suede colours to be in 85mm so I can also wear to work and the colours/patterns/glitter ones in 100mm to go out.
    Love them so pretty!
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  6. I agree! I find that because of the heel height I gravitate towards it more, was a tough decision between 85 or 100mm but a good choice nonetheless, goes with everything.
  7. You will reach for these shoes day after day. I have some in a light sand color and they are my workhorse shoes. Congrats to you and wear them in good health!
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  8. Thank you!