My first pair!!!!

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  1. Just picked up my very first pair! Simple 85's!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful!

    Where did you find these lovelies?

    I am in Canada as well and I am always curious when it comes go shopping!
  3. Thanks so much!!

    I got them at the Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. I wear a size 11/12 so they had to find the 42's for me. They're really helpful, it took them two weeks to get the shoe in but they followed up as soon as they got it.

    In Toronto I also like Davids and The Room (Couture section of The Bay downtown).
  4. Congrats!!! Beautiful!!
  5. Congrats on a classic pair! I wish I had a pair in black patent!
  6. congrats!
  7. Awe these were my first pair too ! Congrats they will go best with every outfit !
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats, the first of many pairs I'm sure
  10. congrats, great first pair!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congratulations (from another 11/12 girl) on your first pair! Lovely! :smile:
  13. Beautiful...congrats.
  14. congrats! hope you enjoy your first pair! :flowers:
  15. That's a perfect first loubi. It's all downhill from here. Make room in your closet