My first pair! what should i get!

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  1. helllooo ladies! I am about to buy my first pair of CL's and im wondering if anyone here has a pair of dilian pythons? if so can u post a modeling pic i just fell in love with them!

    whats your fave pair of CLS for my consideration!?
  2. I'm really loving the Lady Claudes.

    ;) here we go
  4. ^Thanks Dani! I was just about to post them! You are too quick for me :P

    lvobsessedashle - Here are some more for you. Hope you can find them - I love them!




  5. thats a bold choice for your first pair! you go girl!!
  6. WOW....oh my goodness!! lol yes they are complete eye candy for me they look stunning on you! i havent even checked out the price ..whats the damage on those bad girls if u dont mind my asking! imoff to see your collection!

  7. :kiss: I can always remember some HOT Legs :flowers:
  8. ^Look who's talking lady!!! You are the queen of hot legs! When do we get to see your next update?? :graucho:

    lvobsessedashle - They were $2695, but that was quite some time ago. I think ebay might be your only bet at this point. Good luck!
  9. does anyone have the new sergio rossi crystal cage CL's...oh they are wow...god ill never afford all the cls i want lol
  10. hahaha my bad they arnt CLS hahaha lookin on the neimen marcus site lol
  11. Any color Bianca.. The mutlicolor's are out of this world!!!
  12. Anything Electric blue !