my first pair of tribtoos!

  1. i've been looking at this pair of shoes for a very long time, ever since i saw another member reveal them.

    and now they are finally mine! i'm so happy.
    i'm glad i spent the money because i have never had a pair of heels be more comfy than these.

    they are seriously remarkably comfy. and i thought being 105's they would be a nightmare to walk in. absolutely not. they are very easy to walk in. i feel like they were made for me:heart:



    modeling shots later on!
  2. Beautiful!!
  3. what a gorge color! Congrats!
    I'm glad YSL tries to make their heels comfortable.
  4. so PReTTYY!!!!!
  5. Congrats! I love the color! I think YSL tributes and tribtoo are the most comfy shoes out there :smile:
    Ps- where did you get these???
  6. :love: love it! Congrats!!!
  7. These are gorg!! I love the color
  8. Beautiful pair! congrats