My first pair of Tod's!

  1. I used to be into purse only but recently i got some nice sunnies and now some really nice tods loafers for 40% off! I love Tod's these shoes are really comfy on my wide feet and i love their bags too:tup:
    SP_A0074.jpg SP_A0075.jpg SP_A0076.jpg
  2. Congrats! I love Tod's too. I think they're very comfortable.
  3. Congrats, Sabine, love Tod's shoes, so comfortable and 40% off, what a great deal!:yahoo::yahoo:
  4. 40% off?!?!? Congrats-
  5. 40% indeed. They had alot of shoes a small new d bag in blue the newer d bag.. and more bags all for 30 or 40% off
  6. They look comfy. :smile:
  7. I love tod's and 40% off is a great deal! I would have bought them for sure!

    congrats and enjoy
  8. So classic and elegant, congrats!
  9. Love your tods! You will be VERY happy with them. Tods are so comfortable. :smile:
  10. After your first pair of Tods there is no turning back...I still have my very first pair of black patent driving mocs. THey are truly classic and comfortable too...worth every penny, even at full price.
  11. Love the shoes and your signature - my DH and I need an apartment in Amsterdam too, we absolutely love it there and spend at least 1 weekend there every year in the Grand Krasnapolski on Dam Square.
  12. love that color!

  13. Really nice, I want them...
  14. Amsterdam is a great city i live in Holland and study in Amsterdam so i am really looking to live there but it's not easy to find something!
  15. Those are so comfortable!!! I have them in patent :smile: