My first pair of Manolos :)

  1. I was wandering around today and this friendly pair happened to follow me home :smile: I got them for only $130 from Neiman Marcus Last Call (retail $585)! :tup:

    Could you please help me figure out what to wear with these, like what colors, outfits, etc? I am dying to wear them, they are so comfortable!! I love that I didn't come home with another boring black pair of shoes. That said, I'm obviously not used to wearing color on my feet lol. So please! Help this gal pair some outfits with her new shoes :biggrin:
  2. Those are lovely! I wish I could find something like that at the NM Last Call store. :sad:

    You could wear those with blue jeans, white (pants/skirt), black (pants/skirt), or brown (pants/skirt),.
  3. I want thoseee! I would wear them with everything from jeans to suits to evening wear. Well, it would depend what type of evening wear.
  4. I just saw a pair of those on eBay in my size...tempting..oh so tempting...
  5. thank you gals :heart: so do you think they are versatile enough to go with most outfits?

    btw...what is the name of this style?
  6. Only thing I could find was "pony hair ballerina"

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find them in Vegas next week in my size!
  7. I LOVE them!!!
    I would wear these with anything really....jeans, leggings...etc.
    By the way...what program did u use to put your name on the pic?
  8. Cute shoes...what a great deal!
  9. Oh they are stunning! And, yes I think they can go with loads of outfits, jeans, skirts, little black dress, the options are endless! Excellent score, congrats!