my first pair of manolo blahniks! =D

  1. i finally got my first pair of manolo blahniks! i've been wanting to get the sederaby for quite some time already, but i don't have $900 to splurge on it at the moment. so, i decided to get the camparis instead after seeing them for 30% off at the Neiman Marcus one day private sale (11/7/07). anyway, i'm planning to wear them soon with a long sleeve white shirt, a jumper, and stockings (don't really know whether i should wear stockings or not, therefore i provided a picture with stockings and one without). please give me some suggestions guys on the outfit! thanks! =D
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
  2. I love this shoe. Congratulations, it sounds like you got a great deal. For what it's worth, I think they look good in both pics. but I would go without the stockings, it shows the shoes (and your nice legs) off more.:smile:
  3. Too cute ! Def. w/out stockings, you can see them more :smile: Those look like Carrie's HG Manolo's in the episode of SATC where she goes into the Vogue closet!
  4. They're lovely, show them off without stockings!:smile:
  5. great both ways - those are some very practical shoes, and I think they'll look amazing with just about anything (jeans, dresses, whatever)
  6. They are beautiful, I have a red pair and they are so comfy. I am aiming to get the exact same pair as you when I go to Vegas. They are so classy, elegant and classic. Enjoy.
  7. Great minds think a like. I got the same pair during NM's private sale. I say wear'em without tights.

    Break them in!
  8. I got those too! They look great on you. Perfect for skirts/dresses or pants...I say go without hose to show 'em off!
    And yes they are Carrie's HG shoes in the Vogue closet :p
  9. Congrats! I think they are versatile enough to wear with or without hose or with dresses, slacks, skirts and jeans. What a good buy!
  10. i like it... does any other color available? :tup:
  11. Congrats! You can wear them both ways depending on the temperature, but I like them without in the jumper since it is black.
  12. Really pretty, they look great on you congrats!
  13. I love those...too bad I didn't see it on sale
  14. I love those shoes and definitely prefer them without the hose. They blend in too much with the dark hose.
  15. they look great! I thought the black were on sale, but when I checked back they weren't...damn I guess they were!