My first pair of Louboutins-- $148!!!

  1. I ordered them in a 41... I usually wear a 10.5 (40 in Manolos are on the small side for me; I can wear them but they're painful after 30 minutes!) so I hope I got the right size!!! Anyone have 'em?
  2. That's a great price for CL! Congrats and many more to come :p
  3. Congrats. These are such perfect summer sandals. I am kicking myself for not getting them when my size was available!
  4. can't wait to see em
  5. those are so cute and what a great price! I've never tried them on but they look like they'd be comfortable and the size wouldn't have to be as exact as some other styles.
  6. :yahoo: I'm dying for them to get here. I just got a black and red colorblock dress from Forever 21 and I think it'll look GREAT with them!
  7. Hi Sarah - Congrats! Nice to see you in the CL forum :smile:
  8. Thank you! :heart: SO is really having a fit now that I'm into shoes too. LOL!
  9. Congrats, will be great for summer!
  10. congratulations!
  11. Pretty! Congrats!
  12. super cute! congrats!
  13. What a deal! I totally had a dream about CL espadrilles the other night ...

    Did you get black or red?
  14. Cool! What a bargain! Enjoy them when they come!