My first pair of Lanvin flats are here!

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  1. I ordered these flats from Nordstrom last week and they arrived this evening! I'm in love and want to wear them right away...but I might exert some self-control and get them protectively soled first. They are the most expensive shoes I own...don't tell my FI. :angel:

    I love the little cute pearl detail.

    I realized that the shot of them on my feet make me look like I have cankles :shame:.

    What do you guys think? Is it a slippery slope?

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  2. They look great on you!:tup:
  3. congrats~~~~
    I love Lanvin flats~ it is so cute with little pearl on the side..:heart::love:
    If you dont mind would you share which location of Nordstrom you got it and retail price ??
  4. I got them from Nordstrom's Salon Shoes section at Tyson's (McLean, VA). They actually did not have my size in stock (36.5) and they were ordered from another location. Let's just say that they were in the mid-500's. I did see them at Bergdorf's two weekends ago.
  5. cute! i'm still looking for a pair of lanvins and can't find any in my size and color!
  6. sooooo cute!! what is "protective sole"?
  7. Congrats! They are cute indeed; loving the pearl detail.
  8. Thank you suli :smile:
  9. Thanks for the lovely compliments!

    The soles on the Lanvin are really thin, so I am going to get them, I guess the term is "resoled" to protect the shoes -- an extra layer of protection to prolong the life. I would hate to wear them down very quickly, or worse yet, wear a hole into them, which is something I've done with several pairs of my flats. :Push:
  10. i've been looking for a pair. they're so cute! congrats!
  11. I don't know if Bergdorf's in NYC ships internationally, but they have a quite substantial selection of Lanvin flats. When I was last there, they had several different styles (patent leather, the pair that I have, regular leather, glittery leather) in different colors to choose from. It's worth giving them a call. Their website is I think the number can be found there. Good luck!
  12. They are gorgeous.....great choice and yes, it's a very slippery slope :lol:
  13. Bergdorf carries Lanvin?!?!

    I thought only Barney's did in the city.....
  14. Have you looked on and
  15. Yup. I almost bought a pair in December, but decided to be good. I was there twice in the last month, and they still have a nice selection.
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