My first pair of Jimmy Choos.

  1. Have just got my first pair of Choos today to match my new Purple Tulle Couture spy bag. Have to say I love them, very easy to walk in and love the flash of gold on the heel. Went up half a size and they fit fine.:yahoo:
    135_3549.JPG 135_3547.JPG 135_3546.JPG
  2. That is an awesome combo. You could wear them with a plain white t-shirt dress and still look so polished.
  3. Definitely a nice combination! Congratulations.
  4. I love the shoes.
  5. Fabulous! I love the Fendi Spy combo...excellent choice!
  6. Love the combination. Purple is my favorite color!
  7. That color is simply gorgeous!! And the Fendi spy is TDF! Congrats!

  8. thats a brilliant idea, I have it teamed with a black vest top and black jeans, but a white T-shirt dress would look stunning also.

    Glad everyone loves the shoes and bags
  9. Utterly gorgeous
  10. Congrats! I hope there are more to come.
  11. omg girl those shoes are awesome and the bag is tdf
  12. Love love lovee the colorrrrrrr
  13. Ohhh I love those!! The color really pops!
  14. love the color, congrats.
  15. lovely!!! they match your bag really well.