My first pair of designer shoes- Ferragamo Sissi wedges

  1. I just received my first pair of Ferragamos today. I got the Ferragamo Sissi wedges in a cognac color. I'm a true 7.5 in shoes, so I ordered the Sissi's in 7.5 hoping that they run true to size.

    First impressions: I've never owned a pair of premier designer shoes before, and I was impressed by the difference in quality. I bought a pair of BCBGeneration wedges two weeks ago and they don't even compare to these. The leather feels so luxe and soft. Craftsmanship is impeccable, I don't see glue marks, bad stitching, or scratches.

    The only thing though, is that there's a little gap at my heels, probably less than half an inch. I'm not familiar with SF shoes, so I don't know if the leather is going to stretch a lot in the future. I checked Zappos if they had the next size down (size 7), but they're sold out. I can always buy those silicon heel strips, but it feels kind of wrong to have to do that on Ferragamos. I'd hate to have to return these, as they were on sale and I absolutely love the color. Any input from experienced Ferragamo lovers is appreciated.
    image.jpeg 2.jpeg 3.jpeg 6.jpeg 4.jpeg
  2. I cant advise you on sizing but those are beautiful. I love the color! I would *guess* that petals at the front of the shoe would help with the sizing issue.

    good luck, I hope they work out for you :love:
  3. lovely, once i had the hard choice: a varina pair or a mini bag...i bought the bag, i love the varinas but i always ruin my shoes :sad: Enjoy and care them!! :smile:
  4. Re sizing, I have found that I"m generally TTS for calf leather, and half size up when it is patent. What time of the day did you try the wedges? Bear in mind that feet do swell especially from the afternoon....
  5. Beautiful shoes!
  6. I don't have any advice but those are pretty wedges.
  7. I just bought the same design in navy blue. I am a 37, but somehow the 6.5 fits me better.

    Looking at your pics, I think size 37 would fit u better. Coz the spacing is one finger size, I think it will be too loose even with those insoles / feet swelling in the afternoon.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank u!