My first pair of Coach Shoes!!

  1. I am in love!!!!!! And taller, which is useful when you're as short as i am!:love:
  2. Congrats!!! I love these shoes....tried on a 7 today at Macys, but my toes don't "peep" enough. It was the display shoe, so when I go back hopefully they'll have a 6.5 that I can try.
  3. those are smoking hot !:smile:
  4. Those are SOOOO CUTE!!!! GAH, I can't stop looking at them, they're so amazingly beautiful. I love the watercolor line. Too bad I can't buy anything until fall rolls around :0(
  5. Omigosh, those are so, so cute! I love 'em!
  6. OMG!! Those are so cute!!! I wish I wasn't so darn tall!!! (almost 5'11") Then again, if I wasn't...I'd be broke buying up coach shoes left and right!!!
  7. They are very nice! I love wedges in all types and styles. You wear them so well. Congratulations!!
  8. LOVE the shoes!!!! i def. agree that coach wedges and heels make us shorties taller (well for me it makes me average height!)

    they look great, congrats!!!
  9. Oooh. Cute!
  10. Thanks!!! I'm now wondering if I need the ponytail scarf to match.... :girlsigh:
  11. Oh most definitely!!! Those wedges look adorable on you! :love:
  12. Those look beautiful!!! Congrats!!!
  13. omg those are gorgeous!
  14. I sooo want those!!!
  15. Ooh, i actually like those! I love the Watercolour line, but in general I don't like big platform shoes. But, those don't look nearly as clunky as they do on the site. Very cute and summery! Pull out your sundresses asap!