My first pair of Coach shoes! *~PICS~*

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Some of you might have seen my thread asking about if Coach sneakers are easily dirtied because I was getting them that weekend..

    Welllll, I GOT THEM! :yahoo: And I LOOVEEE them! This definitely won't be my last pair! I was going to go for the black/black ones, but I decided I liked these more...

    So here they are: my new Katelyn sneakers! :nuts:
    P1040095.JPG P1040096.JPG P1040097.JPG
    [click to enlarge]

    Sorry about the bad lighting in the modeling pic!
  2. Very cute!
  3. adorable!

    my kates are my favorite sneakers- SO cute and comfy!

    wear them well!
  4. Cute! Enjoy
  5. i love them, very cute :smile:
  6. Really cute! Arent they comfortable?
  7. nice! congrats
  8. Lovely!! Congrats!!
  9. I love them, congrats! They wont be your last I have a couple and there great:smile:
  10. Very cute.....I have the same ones!!
  11. Very cute! Congrats!
  12. Thanks :smile:
  13. Those look fabulous on you!
  14. I've never tried on Coach shoes. Are they very comfortable and how would you describe the width of them? Narrow, wide, or regular?
  15. They are SO comfortable! MOST comfy sneakers ever, and I've tried a LOT. I normally HATE sneakers, but I had to have these, so you know they're amazing! They also have really comfy flats too...want a pair of those next...:p

    They're pretty narrow IMO...and they run small, about a half size smaller [so order up a half size]

    I can't wait for it to stop raining here so I can wear them!