My first pair of CLs

  1. I just purchased a great pair of black kid simple's online as my first pair of CLs, and they're REALLY tight in the toe area, even though they fit length wise. Will they stretch out with wear? If not, can I get them stretched by the cobbler, or is there no hope and I'll just have to put them on eBay? Thanks!
  2. How tight is tight? Have you tried breaking them in around the house?
  3. ^ Pretty tight. They feel like they're narrows! I've tried walking around the house but I'm not sure how long I'd have to wear them for them to stretch out, plus they were hurting! Since they're my first pair, I'm not really sure what to expect, or what to do!
  4. I feel for you. Is there anyway you can return or exchange them?
  5. If they're too tight I would take them back.
  6. It's normal for shoes to sometimes be a little stiff or snug in the toe box at first, but they shouldn't be painful. Could you take them back and try on the next half size up maybe?
  7. Unfortunately I bought them from eBay :tdown: so I can't take them back (the seller has a strict no refund policy). I guess I can sell them, since it appears they won't stretch out that much to the point where they'll be comfortable. I'm so bummed!
  8. What about taking them to a cobbler to get professionally stretched? Many of the ladies here often have success with that.
  9. Maybe you should try getting them stretched a little. I had my patent yoyos stretched just enough so I could wear them without pain, and now they've just stretched perfectly with wear.

    Regardless, I'm sorry you are having shoes issues, I hope it gets resolved by stretching or selling. Good luck!
  10. You can prob resell at retail on eBay--maybe make some $$.
  11. Letsgoshopping - CONGRATS on the simple pumps! They were my first pair of CLs as well.

    If you're shoes fit in length perfectly, then I think you can save these shoes. In my experience, CL's kid leather stretches a lot with wear. My simple pumps fit me lengthwise when I got them, but they were horribly narrow and uncomfortabe. I had them professionally stretched by my cobbler so that I wouldn't have to break them in myself.

    They fit perfectly afterwards and even stretched some more. In fact, they became too loose and I had to get heel grips and add a permanent have sole to the toe box.