My First Pair of CL's.. REVEAL!

  1. Hello Lovelies!
    Anybody around for a reveal of my very first pair?

  2. here here :smile:
  3. yeehaw! :tup:
  4. I got the Simple 100's in Kid.
    I was originally looking for nude ones but are pretty hard to find online as CL's aren't accessible where I live (Guam). I plan to get the Bianca's in a Nude color to wear for my wedding!

    It's bit hard shopping for them since I can't try them on.. Im usually a 6 1/2 but since my foot's a bit wide I sized up and they fit perfect at first .. but now that they are broken into, all I needed was a heel grip and they're perfect. I hope to find a pair of wedding shoes on my California/Vegas next month.. wish me luck!

    Selfie everywhere we go! lol
  5. Yay! Good choice on a classic! They look great on you!!
  6. CONGRATS on the CLs and the wedding! Welcome to the club. ;)
  7. congratulation! great choice for first pair
    also congratulation on your upcoming wedding :smile:
  8. congrats on your first pair!! they're gorgeous!
  9. It's always great to start with a classic. They're so pretty on you; congrats!
  10. Congrats on getting such a classic pair!! They look fab on you!
  11. Congrats on your first pair! :smile:
  12. Thanks ladies!
  13. You look fab. Loveeee your Brea!
  14. Congrats on your 1st pair... classic! You'll love them
  15. Congratulations on your first pair! They look great with your Brea purse! :smile: