my FIRST pair of CLs...but do I keep them?!

  1. I just pre-sold my very first pair of CLs...the blue and black Super T. Talk about soul stirring! The thing is...I bought them on sale for $485 at Neimans...but I'm still not sure if its worth it since I can only think of a handful of times I can wear them. :sad: Should I keep them or let them go?

    P.S. does anyone else own these? are they even comfortable enough for a holiday party? (one of the few times I'm thinking of busting em out..)

  2. I am not particularly interested in this style becauce of the thick T strap..

    btw does the presale at Neiman Marcus begin now?
  3. they really looked hot on a parisian chick i chanced upon... but i'm not too sure about them on my feet!
  4. Keep them and wear them with everything - even jeans! Hot shoes should never be kept for special occasions... wear 'em to work, wear 'em with leggings, wear 'em on a night out... hell - put on some lingerie and wear 'em while you vaccuum the house LOL!
  5. ^^
    thanks :happydance:
  6. Congrats on getting them on sale! I think they are versatile enough to dress up jeans and can compliment the right dress.
  7. They are beautiful! Louboutins are never comfy for long periods of time, but for a party, you should be just fine. If you will be standing around for a really long time I suggest flats, but if you're brave, take these babies out for the night. You will get lots of compliments! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for all the feedback! I think my mind's pretty settled on keeping them :love: I'll post pix once i pick them up!
  9. I really like them. Keep them.
  10. I thought they looked cute. Try them on when you get them and post pics! I do agree with i_wona that you should not just keep them for special occasions.
  11. I'm not a T-strap fan on any style shoe ... but I'd say keep them. It sounds like you really like them!
  12. they are hot! love the colour too.
  13. I like them and the color is nice. If you wear a lot of nice jeans I think you'd get a lot of use out of these shoes. Of course, they'd also be good for dress-up too.

    They seem like shoes you'd be able to wear for years. They're just stylish enough, but not too avant-garde.