My FIRST pair of Christian Louboutins :)

  1. *Late Post*
    Say hello to Cheyenne! :graucho:

    -- So i was in Vegas June 11-15 and on June 15th i went into the Christian Louboutin store and lucked up becuase they were having a sale. So sad they had so many great shoes at the sale price but none in my size... Got these :biggrin: and ive been going crazy ever since trying to find great deals on more CL, its become my new addiction.

    On the prawl for more Loubs!:help:
    bag.jpg bagbag.jpg dfdfd.jpg fgfgfg.jpg
  2. Very pretty! I love red. Congrats on your first pair, welcome to the addiction!
  3. They are cute!
  4. Love them ! Once u do louboutin u will never go back !!!
  5. Thank you!!

    Sorry! Everyone! I didn't knw I posted the picture sideways. :wtf:
  6. I love the red.
  7. Lovely! The red is definitely a showstopper!
  8. Congrats!! They're Beautiful!!! Love red CLs!!
  9. Mod picsss? Curious how they look on! Congratz on your first and for sure not the last pair! :smile:)
  10. beautiful color!
  11. Congrats on your first pair, they are amazing!!
    Mod pics pls!!
  12. Great colour!
  13. Congrats on a beautiful first pair. Welcome to the addiction! :nuts:
  14. super pretty! congrats!
  15. Very pretty!! Congrats!