My first pair of Chanel sunnies

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  1. I love 'em!
    I think these will last me for a loooong time.

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  2. cute! I recently got my first pair of chanel sunnies too ;)
  3. way cute! come post them in the chanel forum!
  4. Cute! I have 5081B's and i love them to death :biggrin:

    [​IMG] dont know if thats a authentic site or not but just postin imagefor reference sake)
  5. ^^^ I have those in brown, i also love them to death!
  6. They look great on you!
  7. Congrats! Those are cute!
  8. worth every penny, they are the most comfortable glasses i have ever owned
  9. i love chanel sunglasses. i think my chanel sunglasses are the most "special" out of all of my collection. great choice!
  10. Cute sunnies!
  11. Congratulations, they look great on you!
  12. Oh they're so nice! Look lovely on you :smile:
  13. Nice!! My first pair of designer sunnies were Chanels too!! Extremely durable and comfy, congratulations pretty lady :yahoo:
  14. They look really great on you! Congrats!
  15. Great sunnies!