My first pair of Chanel sunnies

  1. I got the sunnies a few week ago, i bought them in the Chanel store in Barcelona. I must admit that i'm not to impressed with the quality because they crack and leave marks at my face because they are so big but i will give them a try:yes:
    IMG_0767.JPG IMG_0802.JPG
  2. Shame they arent perfect for the price. Maybe they'll get better?
    They look fab though!!!
  3. ohh but they look wonderful on you!!
  4. They do look good on you.
  5. Congrats, I love that pair!
    something about that exact pair cracks. . . someone else had that happen to this pair.
    If they leave marks on you, they probably aren't fitting quite right.
    Do you have an optician that can warm them adn bend them a bit to fit perfectly for you?
  6. I remember getting the Dior glossy sunnies and when you opened them past a certain point they made a "crack or popping" sound that sounded like the lense was popping in the frame...The optometrists tried melting it down and sofening the plastic but it will still eventually "Crack" once it cooled down this what your talking about?

    If they make marks maybe they are too heavy..
  7. They look good on u! Mine crack too but they're holding up fairly nicely.
  8. I have a different pair of chanel sunnies that do the exact same things and I always wince when I hear the crack, but so far so good. AS for the marks on my face, that's just the price I pay for loving the glasses as much as I do.
  9. congrats, they look great on you!!
  10. you look adorable in your great new sunnies.
  11. it looks great on you! congratulations :yahoo:
  12. lovely!:love: hope they get more comfy with time....
  13. tnx guys, i am going to use them, the are chanel so i must ;)
  14. Love this style! Very cute!
  15. Congrats! Look great on you!