My first pair of Chanel earrings! (From Italy)

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  1. When I went to Italy I had my heart set on the medium rhinestone CC
    earrings. I was so disappointed to find that they had run out of them, but then i found these, and fell in love!
    they are simple, and not as flashy. Also, they aren't faked nearly as much as the ones i wanted. They are just perfect for me!


    P.S. does anyone know what they are called?
  2. these are too too cute...
    how much were they ?
  3. i like them, kinda like buttons!
  4. 140 euro (approximately 221 usd)
  5. Congrats, very cute.
  6. very cute!
  7. Much less flashy, I agree. Very cute, congrats!
  8. Those are very cute!

    Congrats :tup
  9. Cute!
  10. Wonderful Italian souvenir, congratulations!
  11. Very cute! Congrats!
  12. Ooh these are so adorable! Congratulations on your Italian souvenir!

    Do you by any chance have the style number? I think you should definitely post modeling pics ;)
  13. Wow they are really pretty,Congrats!
  14. very cute! nice and simple
  15. I love them!! Would really like to see what they look like on..