My first pair - instant reveal because I'm too excited to draw it out!


wants it all
Dec 4, 2011
I got these at the Rue St. Honoré boutique in Paris - my favorite city (tu me manques beaucoup...), and now, my favorite shoes!

I wanted something beautiful and sexy to wear on my birthday (not for a couple months but hey who's counting?) and also wearable (I'm really short but sadly not so sturdy in super high heels) and appropriate for the office. In short, these were the perfect early birthday present to myself! :yahoo::woot::love:

Introducing my...

Black Patent Pigalle 100's (with Chic rubber soles for extra traction)

Mod pics to come soon!

My wish list:
- nude patent Simple/Decollete/Pigalle/something classic
- something strassed! (possibly DIY?)
- wedding shoes! (not even dating anyone, but hey, a girl can dream, right?)
Aug 31, 2009
congratulations on your first CL's!! you will quickly become addicted to the red-bottoms :nuts::love: they really are stunning, and so classic. and most of all, super sexy!! pigalle's have a particular allure. i don't know how you will hold off until your bday to wear these! i think you should wear them ASAP, and then post modeling pics :P