My First Pair - Huguette Booties <3

I can't believe! My first pair of CLs are here! :smile: It all started when my fiance's cousin's wife started to collect CLs, and they look amazing! Next thing you know, most of the female cousins own a pair or 10 haha! I'm not really a shoe girl (I'm more into bags), but there are certain styles of shoes I want to add to my collection.

I always wanted/needed a pair of booties, so when I came across a pair from Lauren Milstein from Saks, especially when it was on sale, I knew I had to get them!

At first I was skeptical ordering through her because I had to give all my info through email, but the wonderful ladies here at TPF made me feel I can trust her. So I took a leap of faith (haha), and here's my baby :smile:

I'm normally a size 7, so I ordered 37. It's a bit tight, but I'm sure it will break in in no time :smile: The heels are really high for me (4") but hopefully once I add the sole protectors, it will give me more traction haha.

Thank you to all you ladies here!

Those are lovely!! Very versatile, awesome choice for a first pair!
They are beautiful! It never stops at the first pair! welcome to the red part of town ;) hehe
Thank you ladies! I'm all giggly inside! I can't stop staring at them! My cousin is taken them to get the soles on and I can't wait to get them back :smile: (and also the weather to get nicer too!)
Aug 12, 2008
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Congrats!! We are CL bootie twins! I just bought the exact same pair at the CL boutique at the Palazzo in Las Vegas - on sale too!! Just waiting for the weather to improve so I can wear these!:woot::happydance:


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Feb 12, 2014
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gorgeous! congrats!
Glad you protected that red soles before wearing them out. It breaks my heart to see chipped red soles.
Another good sole protector is called Guardian Soles. They clear so you can still protect your red sole and show off the original red bottoms!