My First Paddy!!

  1. Hello --- My name is Katie and I just got my first Chloe bag.
    I didn't know what I was looking for but really liked the styling of the Paddington and I really wanted one with silver hardware. I fell head over heels :heart: for the metallic anthracite. I found one and I ended up with a super gorgeous metallic anthracite paddy from a wonderful and friendly eBay seller!
    The girls on the "authenticate this" thread, especially lescoy were super helpful while I was authenticating the Paddy.... The seller was so sweet and patient with me, too!! I've never spent this much on a handbag so this was a big purchase for me. I feel good about all of it though!!!

    Anyway, I took a ton of pictures and posted them all up on Google if you'd like to check my new baby out:

    AND -- if my credit card wasn't hurting enough, I just (today) bought a metallic athracite paddy wallet (it's the "soul mate" of my bag, right? I just had to, didn't I?) which should be arriving soon!!! :yahoo:

    I'm so psyched for it all though :heart::heart:
  2. OH MY GAWD! this is THE bag I covet the most. Congrats on your bag it is LOVELY!
  3. What a gorgeous bag--congrats!!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Congrats, that is one fabulous bag.
  5. Congrats ~ The Bag is Beautiful :yahoo:

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I think you will definatly get your money's worth! Congratulations!:heart:
  7. Congratulations, what a wonderful bag![​IMG]
  8. That is one hot bag!!
  9. Thanks everyone
    I'm trying to decide what to name her (is that weird??)
    I was thinking I might call her "Anabelle" ..... I think I must be nuts !!
  10. ooh la la she's gorgeous. I never was a fan of the metallics but I think I've just been converted!!
  11. That bag is absolutley TDF. Congrats on it and the wallet!!!
  12. She is gorgeouse:drool:
  13. Very nice, the paddy is a great frist Chloe! And yu certainly did have t buy the matching wallet, it would have been unfair n ur lovely new bag nt to! Enjoy. You'll have t past pics of the wallet when it arrives.
  14. I wanna see the wallet!
    btw Anabelle is a great name... coming from someone who names almost every inanimate object :biggrin:
  15. lovely, it looks like the aubergine???