my first paddy - it's FINALLY HERE

Oct 29, 2006
It's finally here!!!! Meet my uber gorgeous Nutmeg paddy!

Here's my story - I have been lusting over a paddy since mid 2006 but I only started working so I didn't have the moolah and I sure wasn't gonna ask the folks to buy me one because as an adult, you are supposed to be financially independent of your parents! :smile: So I waited, hung around the forum, lusted over everyone's gorgeous paddy and then finally finally finally, I took the plunge this x'mas, deciding that I needed a x'mas perk me up after another hard year at work (and the price was right - Megs gave great advice :smile:). Some people say the paddy is passe (I think the other www guru, did) but I thought (and still think) it's one of the most beautiful bags I have ever laid my eye upon. So what the hell right. :smile: Plus the fact that they are still producing it today and the fact that the whole Chloe forum is so alive, I think, is testament to the timeless nature of the paddy.

All I can say is - the leather is so soft it's surreal, the weight hasn't gotten to me (whilst I was prancing around with it in my room that is). It's totally made my week. :smile: In fact, it's so precious that I haven't taken it out of my room since the day it arrived (Thurs). :love:

I'll let the photos speak for themselves (the third photo shows the real colour).


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
Whoa! That's really lovely and smooshy! Well done!

And paddies are not over - how could a classic be "over"? hee hee hee

Do you mind if I ask where you got it? It doesn't look like a 2007/08...


Dec 11, 2006
Rock on and a hearty congratulations! Madeofdreams how old were you when you started lusting for a Paddy? You sound young and I'm wondering how far down in age the Chloe appeal reaches. You don't have to answer I'm just curious since this bag seems to grab all kinds of women and how cool is that???