my FIRST paddy is HERE + Questions

  1. Woohoo!! It's here!! It's here!! My recent order from Diabro is here! :woohoo:

    Introducing my VERY FIRST Paddington!!



    Now, questions....

    For those who own a paddy, do you actually use the lock? Or do you just leave it dangling there?

    I normally don't like to zip up my purse, and I notice that to use the lock you'd actually HAVE to zip up the purse, then of course, unlock it with the key each time you wanna open your purse (which can quickly become an annoyance if you're in a hurry to get something out of your purse)....


    And if we leave the lock dangling, it seems there's only one side the purse can be carried, else, the lock will flip to the other side and look like this:


    also, does the hardware on the lock get scratched easily? I notice a few minor scratches already, and it's only the first day I've had it! :confused1:

    But overall, it's great...beautiful color, and I just am absolutely thrilled to have it...:wlae:
  2. That's a crazy beautiful color!

    I usually leave my Paddy half zipped & tuck the little lock tabs in. And I leave the lock at home about 1/2 the time. If you undo the zippers and let it expand you can use it almost as a tote.

    They're really very practical bags. Tough too.
  3. Wow, gorgeous red. Congrats!
  4. Congrats on your awsome new paddy!!! Such a beautiful color!!!~

    I really dont use my lock...meaning I never lock my bag closed with it.

    As far as which side the lock should go on, youre right. I leave it on the one side....and some times I tuck it into the side pocket so you cant even see it.

    Unforutuantly the lock does get scraches and chips on it...that' s part of the reason why I tuck it into the side pocket.

    I hope you enjoy and love your new paddy! I just recently got mine, and I just love it to death!!!!
  5. Sorry to post off topic, but my goodness do you have a cute avitar!!!!! What kinda puppy is that?!!!
  6. Great bag! Colour is stunning! I usually unzip the bag and then attatch the loose tags to the latch and put the lock over that. Then flip it either way...
  7. bellacherie, I tried your way of positioning the lock over the tags and it's a great way to avoid scratches!!! My three beautiful paddies (black, taupe and nuage) are 2007s and I have not had a problem with scratches, but with your method, I can prevent them...Thanks!
  8. Thanx. That is an Akita puppy, 6 weeks old. He is now a 85 lbs terror!:nuts:
  9. Nice bag. Congrats.

    I mainly just leave the lock hanging. I might've used it twice since I had the purse.
  10. That's an AMAZING color.

    Re: lock, I usually just let it flop around. I've only locked it up once, and that's when I was on an airplane.
  11. I haven't had mine long, but I've been letting it flop around...usually I just leave it locked to the plate with one side of the purse unzipped so i can get in easily and let the lock rest over the purse. (But I live in a small, safe town without pickpockets) Sometimes it flips over and goes in the side pocket like in your last picture and from time to time I flip it back over so it hangs out cause I like the look. I'd never leave the lock at home though...that's the part I love most!! But to actually lock the purse would be so cumbersome to get in and out....
  12. WOW what a beautiful handbag!!! the color is lovely. :smile: Congratulations!!!
  13. It's do die for glamorous! Congrats! I always flaunt the lock.
  14. gorgeous! congrats ;)
  15. I paddington...great color...enjoy your new bag!!