My first Paddy in RED? Need your opinions.

  1. Hello all! I am brand new to tPF & just wanted to share that I bought my very first Paddington from NAP! :heart: (I have issues passing up NAP sales!) But......I wanted to get an opinion on the '06 red/rouge. Is it too bright or just right? :shrugs: I should be receiving it in the mail shortly & I'm not sure what to expect.
  2. secret_shopaholic has the same one and it's beautiful!!! Welcome to the forum, btw!!! :smile:
  3. It's gorgeous. I'm not too crazy about red normally, but I really love the red Paddy!!!
  4. That's really pretty colour, I'm sure you'll love it! :love: Congrats and oh, wellcome to Purse Forum!
    I've seen rouge 06 once in real life and it was gorgeous lipstick / ferrari / strawberry red, it looks amazing in thich yummy paddington leather. Some pf:ers have rouge paddys, check out these threads; (scroll down to post 59 and see hmwe's gorgeous rouge)

    Here's a thread w pictures of shopaholic's beautiful rouge
  5. yep, secret_shopaholic and myself were lucky to get the bag and the wallet from the UK sale.

    Honestly, its completely devine, you will love it when it comes :smile:

    be sure to post piccies when its here lol
  6. Oh congrats Chloe-babe..!!! :flowers: :yahoo: You lucky gals got some awesome deals!
  7. Congrats on your first paddy:yahoo:
    I just got mine a couple of weeks ago from the LVR sale and I have to say that I absolutely love it!
    I see it as a really classic colour of red that goes with almost everything in my wardrobe.
    I think you will be bery pleased when it arrives.
  8. :heart: I love LOVE the CHLOE Paddy in ROUGE!!! I don't think it is too bright at all! It's a rich, deep, and beautiful red that is a unique "neutral" as it does go w/ so many colors! Nicole Richie has one if you look at the thread "Celebritities and their chloe's".
  9. woow! ive been eyeing this bag at nap..
    lucky you.. you got that bag on sale.. :smile:
  10. i think its sO:huh:O:huh:o LOVELY and full of life! so pretty!! i bet u'll love it!! :yes:
    welcome to the purse forum :love:
  11. Oh man! You mean I missed the wallet? Lucky you! I saw the pics & if it looks similar to the pictures I know I'll love it!
  12. I personally love the color, orange red. But then again those tones work for me. I would hate a blue red (wouldn't work with my wardrobe)..Does this color work with your clothes? Warm tones?