my FIRST paddy =D

  1. I thought it'd be FOREVER till I could afford a paddington, but I've got one-it's in chocolate and I LOVE it. Now I know why it costs soooo much!
    Today I was eating lunch w/ some girls (some new) and I had my paddington on my lap, covered w/ the tablecloth so I wouldn't get anything on it, and my friend asked me, "how's your baby doing?" and the new girls turned to me in shock thinking I was pregnant! lol!
    The pics are in my college dorm room and my bed..hee hee. :smile:

  2. hi congrats,
    where did you get it from?
    it seems to have balls in the handles, which usually indicates a unauthentic bag, i could be wrong but i thought id tell you for your sake!!
  3. Uh oh - i agree. This doesn't look genuine to me.:sad:
    The handle 'rings' are too square, the teardrop shapes which attach the handles to the bag are the wrong shape and the Chloe font on the padlock is far too big, amongst other things.
    Where did you get the bag?:heart:
  4. oh no, my heart has dropped;
    i got it from juleeanne's boutique..i still have the money back guarantee..:throwup:
  5. can some more of your girls look at this for me? i definitely want to return it if it's not authentic.
  6. So sorry!:sad:
    I would suggest taking some more pics - of the underside of the padlock (the screws/keyhole) the Chloe heatstamp on the inside, the base of the bag, perhaps also the serial tab, located on the inside zip pocket.
    Post them up on the 'Authenticate this' thread, where you'll get more opinions, to be sure before you return it.:yes:
  7. yes take some more pictures to be sure like chicky said!
    ill look out foe them and see if i can help to!
  8. I have four paddys - and that is definitely a fake.:crybaby: I would take it back.
  9. you have no idea how much this means-THANK YOU GUYS, i can't believe i got a fake!!!! THANK YOU
  10. Just out of curiosity, how much was it??
  11. Oh dear. I'd have to agree, this is definitely fake. Please take it back and get your money back. That's quite despicable for a *boutique* to be selling fakes!
  12. Oh no...poor thing! Here's the boutiques the OP referred to:

    Terrible...she's charging a lot for these shiny-hardware fakes! And did Chloe even make a PINK paddington? OP, I hope you get your money back!
  13. Hmm...I thought Chloe is about to make a pink paddy for spring....OP, good luck getting your $$, fingers crossed...
  14. missaznpirate, I hope you can get your money back!
    I checked out the seller's site and was just shocked to see how much she's asking for those fake Chloes, it's outrageous! Seriously, with that amount of money it's not hard at all to find a mint/almost new authentic Chloe. Shame on that seller, I'm sorry that you have to go through this. :sad: