My first Paddington, please authenticate ^^

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  1. Okay, I don't know if this is the right thread for it, I figured I could put it in the Authenticate This section or the Authenticate this Chole thread, but there's quite a few pictures and I would like to get as much feedback as possible, hence the new thread:smile:
    So my first Paddington arrived 30 minutes ago! I ordered it from Diabro Japan since they look like a reputable seller, and the price of 129800yen (roughly 1118 US Dollars) was pretty tempting:rolleyes:
    Also I had my heart set on a white/ivory/cream colour for my first Paddington. The colour actually turned out to be more beige than the colour of "cream" but I can live with that, I mean it's still a lovely colour.
    So the question is: is this really authentic? The bag looks perfect to me but I'm no expert; Diabro is a reputable seller and they've been in the import business for quite some time but the low price is what really bothers me (funny cuz the main reason I bought it now instead of waiting a couple more month is because of the low price).
    So, I would really appreciate some help here:yes:
    There's quite many pictures so bear with me. I weighed the bag on my scale, the weight is roughly 1.3-1.4kg (2.9 - 3 lb) with the padlock. The hardware is 100% laiton (brass?) according to the tag.

    Phew! That's all:nuts: Many thanks:flowers:
  2. I have never seen that color before. Is it just called simply "cream"? The only thing that I would question (and this could just be a fall release '06 thing) but the stitching on the padlock is at a very extreme angle. I noticed that '05 stitching is straight while up-to-summer '06 stitching is at a slight angle. Also, I have never seen a round tag with limited information as yours. Usually the information is provided in French on top and then English on the bottom. I have no experience with diabro as well. :shrugs: Besides those small things I think the bag looks good.

    But then again, the variations could just be a new fall '06 thing. Did they tell you what season this bag was?
  3. Thanks heaps LG!
    The colour is creme. I've seen it discussed in a few threads, apparently on Net-A-Porter it's called "sand":shrugs:
  4. I don't consider myself an expert at all, but I have seen that color paddy at my Nordstroms and it's beautiful. It's definitey not ivory, but like you said, more of a beige color -- almost like a cup of coffee with a lot of cream in it.

    That's a great price too, congrats !!
  5. Hey thanks!
    The cup of cofee with a lot of cream in it description is spot on!

    BTW, LG, I found a picture of the bag on Net-A-Porter, I think the stitching is okay:

    The stitching on the net-a-porter bag looks less slanted because of the angle of the shot I think.
  6. Looks good then! I know there are variations from season to season so I wasn't sure. Enjoy in good health! It is very pretty.
  7. I definitely shall! Guess what bag I'll be wearing today:yahoo:
  8. It's authentic and really beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your great deal!
  9. Thankies^^
    I was actually thinking that maybe I should've gone for the black one but I guess black'll always be around.
    I've heard quite a few complaints regarding the Paddington's weight and practicality but I absolutely love it! This definitely won't be my last. I love it just as much as my Balenciaga bag although the latter carries more stuff:smile:
  10. I had a Chocolate paddy from S/S 06 that had the same extreme angled stitching on the padlock, and it originally came from Saks. This cream is one of the most beautiful colors I've ever seen. Congratulations...and enjoy! Post pics of you wearing it! :yes:
  11. Looks all good to me - and what a beautiful colour - more versatile than black, IMO.:love: :love:
    Definitely one to treasure - enjoy!:yes: :flowers:
  12. Thanks ladies:flowers:
    I will try and take a photo wearing it, it'll take some time though as I don't have a full-length mirror - my apartment in Tokyo is the size of a matchbox:sad: