My First Paddington is here.(pics)

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  1. My first paddington is here. I luuuuuuv :heart:her so much. She is so squishy. :girlsigh:Her first outing was to Sainsbury's (boring I know) but I put her in the baby seat, so I could admire her on the way round:nuts:
    Photo 1.jpg Photo 6.jpg Photo 2.jpg Photo 3.jpg
  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful, enjoy her![​IMG]
  3. ohhh so nice! your puppy is also super cute! :p
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :tup::heart:

    She's Gorgeous :love: And, I've got to warn you -- once you've been bit by the Paddington bug, you'll never be the same ;) Do enjoy her!!!
  5. gorgeous, i agree, once you've started its hard to stop!!
  6. gosh, she is gorgeous.
    congratulations :smile:
  7. Ah I love the colour, congrats and enjoy her!
  8. pixie pixie pixie! Well done! :dothewave:

    Did you ever figure out the name/style?
  9. nice colour! well done
  10. She's a beauty--congrats!!
  11. I LOVE it - the red isfabulous. Congrats!
  12. Cute bag!!
  13. so glad you love it. the leather is VERY VERY LOVELY. oooooh i just imagine touching one right now.