My first outlet !

  1. Pretty excited-
    i'm a newbie on here, but i have 3, now 4(!) coach bags-
    Two are last year small hobo hamptons scribble bags (one is multicolored c's and the other is a champagne color with white ish silverish c"s)
    my third is the new large hamptons sig scribble tote, and it is beautiful.
    My newest that i got yesterday in the outlets is a large soho flap, it looks very much like the leather ones online now, but the strap is not slit like those,it is just regular ? any way i have to brag- it's lighter than a mahogany color, i'd call it a saddle color, it's my first leather bag, and my first time ever being in a coach store-outlet or not,(my hobo's are ebays, and the large tote i got off the coach site)
    but i was shocked when i went to the outlet-Leesbug by the way-it was so crowded! but my bag was marked $169, and it was a take 20% off of that, got it for like $135 bucks! I was elated, i also got some leather moisturizer and a matching wristlet
    not bad for my first outlet huh? can't wait to go back, and in aug. i'll be at the myrtle beach outlets, which will probabley leave me broke! but happy :smile::smile:
  2. Congrats - post pics of your goodies!
  3. Congrats! I love that color, it reminds me of the Legacy whiskey color. :p
  4. great find!!!
  5. Congratulations! I LOVE the outlets, especially the clearance section. It was so hard working there though because I went home with at least one item every single day. My managers laughed at me because I would spend all my paycheck there and not end up with any left over. *LOL* Oh well, it's totally worth it to me!
  6. Congrats and great deals you found =D
  7. Great deal, congrats!
  8. Congrats! It sounds beautiful!
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Congrats post pics if you can!
  11. Congrats-post pics so we can drool!
  12. Hey that's a pretty hefty haul. Nice way to introduce yourself to Coach and into an obsession. Congrats!
  13. Welcome! And way to go!! Your new bag sounds really pretty - would love to see it if you can post pics!! Congrats!