My first orange slice: Courtesy of Guccigal :)

  1. As part of our December RAOK.

    My first orange slice, courtesy of
    my RAOK Buddy Guccigal.
    Thank you so much! :heart:

    I absolutely love my bottle of Kelly Caleche.

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    Once again thanks to Guccigal! :smile: :heart:
  2. Very nice. I'm dying to try it sometime.
  3. Aww, what a nice gift!
  4. Oooo, nice. I love Kelly Caleche:heart:
  5. That's beautiful, what a great gift GG!!! Enjoy every drop KB!!!!
    I can't wait to get a fab orange box...I bet it was so fun opening it!
  6. welcome to the ORANGE side.....

    its a great but very bad side to be on.

    do you like the scent?
  7. Ooooooh fab gift and I bet it smells lovely.

    And the bottle is so cute.

    Enjoy it!
  8. Oh K_B ~ It's So Lovely & I'm So Happy For You...

    ETA: This Is My Favorite Hermes Bottle!!!!!!!
  9. Wonderful! I tried this on when I was in Chi Town. It is a lovely scent:heart: Congrats to you and what an awesome ROAK buddy you have:flowers:
  10. My favorite scent! What a great gift!
  11. Congrats K_B! You totally deserve it! The Kelly Caleche is my new favorite! It's so yummy! Enjoy it dahling!
  12. Congrats, K_B! The bottle and the scent is killer.:smile:

    Great choice, GG! :tup:
  13. Enjoy!!! : )
  14. Yay, K_B! What a fantastic thing for GG to do for you! I love KC. It's my fave right now. WhooHoo, You! WhooHoo, GG!
  15. GUCCI you are an angel:smile: