My First Official Hermes visit

  1. I was pretty excited entering the store but left there disappointed.

    I was hoping to get a chance to try some bracelets and watches because I love how beautiful they are but worried because my wrists are so tiny that they often look ridiculous on me.

    I asked to see a clic-clac bracelet and the SA didn't really seem like she wanted to help me figure out how to even put it on (it's tricky in my opinion :p) or when I asked what the smallest size was. After that, I didn't bother to ask for watches because I just did not feel like they wanted to help. I did ask if they had a leather book and they told me "No" but as I traveled to the back of the store, I saw a customer flipping through the leather book :confused1: I also saw that there was a 30cm Swift Birkin out and although I had no intent of asking for a Birkin at all today, I figured it would be OK to ask to try it since it was out in the open for all to see. When I asked about it (I wanted to try it on for size) the SA told me it belonged to a customer but I pointed out that the Blue Jean Birkin belonged to a customer but no the Swift one. It fell on deaf ears. I then asked if I could see any Barenia items because I had heard the leather was amazingly soft and I would love to see it in real life. An SA then lead me to a display case and pointed at playing card case and told me about the leather while I kept hinting at how I love soft leather and wanted to know how it feels.

    Over-all, they were not rude or anything, just not helpful and couldn't be bothered.
    Only one person in there made me feel welcomed and was smiling but by then I had given up and did not ask to see anything.

    I wonder if I did anything wrong.
    I didn't bombard them with questions, did not demand for a birkin or even bring it up except when I saw one sitting out in the middle of the store, did not ask about wait lists or special orders, or any other things that first time visitors often do that the SA encounters everyday.

    I guess I was too hopeful. I had this beautiful scene in my head where an SA and I sit down and look over the leather book or where I receive suggestions on what wrist jewelry might suit me because the SA who was helping me also commented on how tiny my wrists were.

    Oh well. Better luck next time :yes:
  2. welcome to the world of Hermes --I am sorry your first visit was not positive --I hate hearing those stories because that has happened to all of us--its not right. Dont give up though. There are lots of nice salespeople--you just have to find them............what store did you go to........maybe we can guide you to a good SA
  3. I went to the SCP location and 4 different SA helped. The one I first spoke to, I think was new so she called over 2 other SA's. Then all of them were gone for a bit and a 4th one came over (the one who seemed friendliest). It was very slow today, only one other customer in the store the entire time I was there.

    Again, they weren't rude or anything, I just wish I got more help, especially on such a slow day for them.
  4. Sorry to hear that Liz, you will hopefully have a better experience the next time.
  5. try again, and again and again and again, until they see that you are for real. Sometimes they like to 'play' hard to get. :yes:
  6. maybe someone who frequents that store can advise you. they can be like that ...not rude but sort of aloof. to some degree its a very hands off sales approach. they dont really need to sell their merchandise. keep going will find a sales person you click with
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that LIZ, you are such a nice chick and def. didn't deserve that kind of treatment.
  8. I find this kind of sales attitude (if I can even refer to it as sales) prevalent in stores with an established client-base. Basically, they can meet their monthly sales-quotos without new clients and really can't be bother to establish new ones. Keep working with the one who seemed friendliest, if not, visit other stores.
  9. I'm sorry it wasn't the fun experience you deserved! I'm sure someone here will recommend an SA for you to look for at SCP, and hopefully the beautiful scene will become reality :smile: The SF boutique always seemed to have hot and cold days with the vibe; my SA, who I asked for, was always cheerful and helpful, but the others could be alternately warm or distant depending on the day.
  10. That sounds very much like my first time at SCP. After that, I made a point of wearing an Hermes shawl and carrying my Kelly and they were different with me. It is unacceptable that you weren't treated better and I am so sorry that you had to be disappointed.

    I do hope you have a better visit next time.
  11. Liz, both my H bags were bought in France. The black Kelly 32 was bought by my DH on his biz trip and the Lindy 30 by me when I tagged along. The prices are much favorable there and if you were to take a holiday in France, you might be able to get a bag of your dreams sans the attitude and as GF has mentioned in another thread, some change left as well. There is no need to reward 'aloof' SAs with sales commission.
  12. Ugh, I´m so afraid that will happen to me too! Sorry for this.
  13. Liz, I'm sorry to hear your visit wasn't better. Like the others have mentioned, go back and look for a better SA. I'm sure you will find an SA whom you are comfortable with:yes:
  14. Well, my first few visits were about the same experience too, but I was just survying the terrain, so to speak. :biggrin: They largely ignored me but I smiled at whoever looked at me and they smiled back.

    Just ask directly and specifically for their help, like "I am interested in this watch and I want to try it on, thank you."

    and "Can you help me put on this bracelet, thank you?"

    It could be that she didn't mean to not help you, in my experience with dealing with them I have concluded they are sort of like trainned to NOT speak until the customer asks about something first. To avoid irritating the customer. Sort of like letting you feel the quality and make your conclusions about the product first without giving you a sales pitch. Unless you are a regular, then they will chat with you. By regular, I don't mean you have to keep buying from them, you just have to keep chatting with them so they know your preferences so they will recommend something to you.

    On the contary, I have worked in retail before and I was trained to serve the customer this way... whenever they picked up something just to look at I was to give them nuggets of information about the product. Like, "This piece is made in Spain." "This piece is made of lambskin." "This bag comes from Korea." Most just nodded, some were interested, some were irritated, some ignore you. Can't please everyone.

    Holy crap, just the other day, I was enquiring about an electric toothbrush and I got a lecture about the history, the different types, the features, the different feel, the colours, the batteries, of all the models from the sales man. I could hardly get a word in and all I wanted to do was to run away after the first minute! He has an awesome product knowledge thou, that's what I can say. :yes:

    Well, anyway, just let the Hermes staff get a chance to know you, that's all I'm saying. I only bought one small thing and my SA remembers me. I am loved. I am basking in the warmth of her lurve. LOL.
  15. I'm sorry about your not so great experience but I second poitely asking to try whatever you wish on or ask to look at something up close. Hopefully, your next experience will be much better!