My first NYC Hermes experience

  1. I am not going to lie, this was the second time I ever stepped foot in an Hermes store - first time was in Paris last year. For some reasons, and please go ahead and flame me to pieces if you disagree, I found the store to be so awfully intimidating. I seriously felt like an outcast in there. :Push:

    Granted, if I had been the gentleman who bought his (lucky) wife a croc birkin, I would have felt more comfortable, but just being a "browser", I felt really out of place.

    I guess that happens when you walk into one of the finest fashion designer stores on Earth. I still can't say I liked the extremely elitist atmosphere. Then again, I can not blame the SAs, they have to deal with lowlife lurkers like me a lot and giving them attention when they don't buy is not worth the time and effort. :noworry:

    At least Megs got a blue Twilly and didn't walk out empty-handed. :yes:
  2. Vlad, sorry your experience was not as good as it should have been. I promise, not all H boutiques are like that. But so glad that Megs got a twilly! She better post pics!
  3. You have described it very well, Vlad. My very first visit to a H store was like you described. That experience kept me away from Hermes for a very long time .... until recently ....:P Things have changed since the store established who I was. It was not honourable to name drop (my husband's) but it served its purpose, and now I can just get on with my waitlist.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Vlad! :flowers:

    I remembered the very first time I stepped foot into my local Hermes flagship store, I felt really intimidated a little shrimp among the king sharks (Regulars & VIPs). The SAs were literally giving me the 5-seconds "Manhattan Once-Over"! :shame:
  5. Vlad, I am so glad you went... I hope you did look on all the floors, the top one with furiture and the "basement" with equestrian and men's items. I think the SA's are aloof if they do not know you, but they are very sweet once they know you.
  6. Just wanted to add... many european establishments are like that, so some of that "selling style" migrated with the brand to the U.S.
  7. Vlad, oh my gosh that is the same way I feel if I go to the Hermes store! I would feel like a little ant!!!!! That is why I am still not ready to go to a Hermes store!
  8. Vlad, you made me lol - "outcast" comment.
    The only down to earth experience I ever had with an Hermes boutique was in Amsterdam and incidentally they had the $115,000 Euro Birkin in thier window. Once they realise you are going to be a customer it's a whole different story, I don't like that .
  9. Oh sorry Vlad maybe I shouldn't have sent you alone down there!!! I'm sorry! I didn't notice you were intimidated. You looked well, like any guy would when he walks in there. Well Megs and I had to look at the wallets and the purse coins.

    HEY MEGS DID YA LIKE? :graucho:
  10. Vlad, that sucks..........anyway, hope Meg loves her Twilly!
  11. Vlad, I'm sorry to hear about your experience at NYC Hermes. I agree that it can be quite intimidating stepping foot into the store. I've been to my local stores several times and I still feel intimidated to this day, and that's after having made some major purchases there too. However, please be assured that there're definitely lots of nice and helpful SAs out there.

    Megs got a blue twilly?:nuts: Congratulations!! Please ask her to post it here!! Twillies are so cute and chic!

  12. No wonder, all the SAs were baked! :wlae: :roflmfao:
  13. that is a good one.:lol:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Star, which 115K Euro Birkin was it? What color and size?