My first Non-CL Shoe Purchase in a Long Time!

  1. So I figured my first non-CL shoe purchase deserved its own thread because these shoes are so special. Since, as many of you know, I am obsessed with Louboutins, I have not been buying anything but CLs for what feels like ages now.
    But I have been waiting for these Prada shoes to arrive in stores since I saw them in Elle magazine a few months ago. My SO thinks they are silly looking but I just love them, I ended up getting 2 colors because I just couldn't decide on which color to get. I love both of them and think they are very different shoes because the black is more versatile and can be worn with anything, whereas the coral is just a great fun shoe.
    Anyway, here are the Prada Raso Chic.
  2. oh my gosh Kamillla they are tdf!!!!they're both keepers!!
  3. wow wow wow those are amazing
  4. OMG! Those are fabulous statement shoes! Gorgeous!
  5. Thanks ladies! I really do think they are quite special, although I have been getting mixed reactions from friends and family. People either think they are really beautiful or they are just plain old silly, oh well I guess you can't please everyone. I would take some modeling photos but I haven't had a pedicure in a few weeks so it wouldn't be a very pretty picture.

    There are also lots of other varieties in this shoe, different colors and styles, ie ankle straps and mules.
    I really like this style as well in coral:
  6. Stunning. Especially the pink. My husband would never understand shoes like those either. But who cares. The shoes are FABULOUS!

    May I ask if they have them in other colors and with a closed toe also?

    Love them! So great for spring. They look like they're the kind of shoes that just make you happy and springy immediately when you put them on.
  7. Definitely TDF! Gorgeous shoes, I adore them!

    May I ask if they are comfortable?
  8. They are beautiful. I would be afraid to wear them though. They look like fragile china.
  9. Truly pieces of art. Enjoy!
  10. These are great! Enjoy them! How do they compare to CL's?
  11. WOW! I love them!!!
    Please please please model them!!
  12. Wow! You did good!!
  13. Ohhh, I remember seeing these in Elle too, and thought they were pretty and unique! :heart: I definitely think both pairs are different enough to keep, as you said! :tup: I'd love to see them modeled... you always model your CL's fabulously, and I'm sure these will look just as beautiful on you! :love: Haha, men, you can't listen to them when it comes to shoes (or handbags)... unless they agree with you, in which case their opinion is valid haha! :p
  14. wow! they're gorgeous... the coral one is so pretty!
  15. these are beautiful!! i saw them over the weekend at Nordstroms and was totally drawn to them. DH on the other hand was not a fan, LOL