My First Non Canvas LV Piece...**PIX!!!**

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  1. I finally explored a non-canvas item at LV. Introducing my new Monogram Denim Neo Cabby GM. She's absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. yay congrats! :smile:
  3. its beautiful! congrats!
  4. it's gorgeous!! congrats!
  5. Congrats! She's a beauty!
  6. Love her!! Congratulations. Please join our neo cabby club. I have the black GM.
  7. love it. congrats.
  8. Very nice... Congrats!!!
  9. Soooo lovely. Congrats!
  10. love this bag! congrats!!!
  11. Oh Wow!! It's so pretty!! congrats!
  12. its a stunning denim there! congratz on ur new baby!:tup:
  13. congrats ! that is tdf
  14. Congrats! It's soooo~~ pretty!
  15. Great choice, congrats!