My first "new to me" Tod's-needed TLC!

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  1. Hello!!
    I was patrolling ebay and my attention was drawn to this cute Tod's bag- it was in poor condition but only $45 with shipping! so I thought I would get it if just for a project. I read up on cleaning suede, wondered what I was really getting myself into, and went at it! It has been authenticated (thanks LTbaglady!) and I consider $45 the deal of the century for this bag ;)

    Below are before and after pics. I plan on continuing to try different things to clean her up. I started with a clean white washcloth to just dry buff the suede, then used a plain emery board to try and file out some of the darker stains. When that didn't do much I tried dabbing on some vineager and finally I used a damp magic earaser (I know, I know!! terrifying!!) It got the deep set stains out but still looks pretty dingy. I still like it and now it's my project to work on.

    Can anyone tell me what the style name of this bag, year produced and retail price is??

  2. Amazing !!! You did a great job getting her cleaned up! TODS are great bag and you did score the deal of the century!!! No divorce imminent if you continue to buy like that :lol:
    Enjoy! & thanks for sharing the cleaning tips!
  3. You did a GREAT JOB!!!.. Congrats on the find!
  4. Thanks!! I went out yesterday and bought a suede bar and brush and it looks even better. I will continue to work on the suede and post pics when I'm finished. I'm sooooo happy about getting such and amazing deal and I really love the bag :yahoo:
  5. What a steal! And you made it look wonderful.
  6. OMGoodness, you have done a great job! I love, love Tod's bags!!!
  7. Glad you got the suede bar and brush. That is what I would have recommended.

    Also, look at the cleaning products offered by Birkenstock and also I would suggest looking at the cleaning products offered by Ugg.

    By the way, love the style of this bag and congratulations on a super fabulous buy!
  8. Just gorgeous!!! I adore Tod's - can't go wrong with one. :tup:
  9. great deal and great job restoring....I like that color
  10. Great bag and great job! I always so afraid to buy suede bag, but seeing your project emboldened me to try to buy one. You make this one so good!!!
  11. Nice work!
  12. sweet
  13. That's a very cute bag. Congrats.
  14. Wow! What an amazing deal!!

    TOD'S are such great's a shame when people don't respect the beauty and craftsmanship.

    If you aren't able to revive the color and the nap is still good, maybe you could have it dyed a shade or two darker?

    Anyway, good luck with your project!