My first new to me reveal!

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  1. Welcome to the "Dark Side" !!! and congrat's - A classic 'Lexi is an excellent choice for a first Mulberry (I'm biased though, as I love the Alexa bag, any size !!) may you enjoy her for a long time to come xx Holls
  2. Gorgeous leather and colour - congrats!

    I agree with Holleigh - first Mulberry purchase is very dangerous indeed - Mulberry bags don't like to be alone :lol:
  3. So lovely, you'll definitely be an addict soon x
  4. gorgeous Alexa, congrats!
  5. Nothing beat good old Mulberry oak! OS Lexy is very useful bag - congrats, enjoy :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous leather, congrats!!
  7. Ooh, I love it! Oak Lexie is so lovely.